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Things you dont’t know about your shower II

Thing you dont't know about your shower III

You use it to get clean, refresh, relax or get invigorated, but how much do you really know about your shower? Did you know that the average shower lasts eight minutes in America, or that the shower is the third largest source of water use in the average American home? With conserving water and saving money and time becoming increasingly important to many people, here are the five most important things you should know about your shower from GROHE, the world’s leading single-brand manufacturer and supplier of kitchen and bath fittings:

3. Thermostatic valves provide a customized, consistent shower.

How much water goes down the shower drain while you’re waiting for the temperature to reach a comfortable level? “Adding a shower with a thermostatic valve not only ensures you’ll never again step into an icy shower stream or be surprised by a temperature fluctuation, it can also reduce the amount of water you use,” Dixon advises. GROHE’s GrohTherm 2000 thermostatic valve is a modern solution for both the bathtub and the shower, combining all the advantages of a thermostat with a perfect water experience. GrohTherm 2000 features GROHE CoolTouch® to avoid the risk of scalding, a functional tray for convenience and XL Waterfall for an aesthetic water flow. If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, a professional can easily install a thermostatic valve that will ensure water reaches the desired temperature sooner and stays at that temperature throughout your shower.

4. Showers are growing.

Bigger seems to be better when it comes to showers, and studies show that many people are significantly expanding the size of their showers during renovations. Larger showers are ideal places for relaxation and rejuvenation, and walk-in showers with oversize panes of glass, multiple water sources and oversize rainshowers are becoming increasingly popular.

“We’re seeing the oversize rainshower trend boom right now,” says Dixon. “GROHE offers many different rainshower styles in hand showers and showerheads that provide users with the spa-like shower experience they desire.”

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