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Thing you dont’t know about your shower III

Thing you dont't know about your shower III

You use it to get clean, refresh, relax or get invigorated, but how much do you really know about your shower? Did you know that the average shower lasts eight minutes in America, or that the shower is the third largest source of water use in the average American home? With conserving water and saving money and time becoming increasingly important to many people, here are the five most important things you should know about your shower from GROHE, the world’s leading single-brand manufacturer and supplier of kitchen and bath fittings:

5. Conserving water in the shower is good for your wallet and your soul.

Water costs can vary widely depending on where you live in the country. No matter where you live, however, reducing the amount of water you use will decrease both your water bill and your utility bill (electric or gas, depending on which fuels your water heater). To calculate how much you could save, you first need to get a better idea of how much water you use. The USGS Water Science School offers a great online water use calculator. Once you know how much water you use, you can take steps to reduce consumption, including:

  • Installing more efficient showerheads.
  • Reducing shower time to about five minutes.
  • Using technology such as thermostatic valves and digital controls to shower more efficiently.

“Sustainability is a core principal during the design process at GROHE,” Dixon notes. “Between our water-saving technologies, faucets with adjustable flow rates and WaterSense products, we’re proud to be category leaders in that regard,” she concludes. Using less water is good for the environment, so you can feel positively about your water conservation efforts, all without losing any enjoyment of your shower experience.

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