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Rainshower F-series, invisible and luxurious

Rainshower F-series, invisible and luxurious

Flat panels that blend seamlessly into the surrounding environment. Revitalizing first thing in the morning, re-energizing after sports, relaxing at the end of the day – Rainshower F-Series turns your bathroom into a recreation zone. Sophisticated and understated, luxurious and resolutely modern; the ultra-flat panels blend seamlessly into your bathroom architecture.

From the flush, ceiling-mounted head shower to body showers that can be individually calibrated, the collection indulges and inspires in equal measures. For those who take showering seriously and understand the restorative qualities of water, the Rainshower F-Series wins hands down.

The Rainshower F-Series Multi Spray 15“ adds a whole new dimension of customization to private spas. The new metal head and ceiling shower, a piece of GROHE high-quality engineering, features three different spray patterns for gentle vitalization: the classic 300 mm wide Rain Spray, a stressreducing massage using 4 integrated GROHE Bokoma Sprays or a double refreshing XL Waterfall spray well known from luxurious saunas.

In keeping with the modular concept behind the GROHE F-Series, GROHE Rainshower F-Series Multi Spray 15“ can be combined or complemented to perfection with other products from the GROHE F-Series such as Grohtherm F, F-digital Deluxe or other F-Series showers from GROHE.

F-Digital Deluxe

Create your own personal tailor-made spa experience with GROHE F-digital Deluxe. This cosmopolitan, multi-sensory shower will stimulate all your senses and transform your bathroom into an indulgent space for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. The intuitive GROHE F-digital Deluxe App lets you design your own personal combination of lighting, sound and steam –by touch screen or wireless Bluetooth connection –for a unique spa sanctuary in your own home.

Just like all products in the F-Series that represent the freedom of design, the modules of F-digital Deluxe can be installed to your personal preferences or be added to an existing system. The GROHE F-digital Deluxe App permits finger-tip control of all module functions – i.e. coloured and dimmable LED light, music and the intensity of the steam. This is yet another detail that highlights the unique flexibility that is an integral element of the GROHE SPA philosophy.

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