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A future bathroom, the personal time bathroom

A future bathroom, the personal time bathroom

The Personal Time Bathroom fulfils the wish of a large majority, 71 percent of respondents, for a room devoted to relaxation and “me time.” Designed and equipped as a hyper-modern private spa, the bathroom of 2034 helps its users replenish their energy levels and achieve a balance between mind, body and soul. This experience is akin to seeing a feature film in a modern 3D theatre. Using audio equipment, mood lighting, aromatherapy and scenic backdrops projected onto the walls, the bathroom takes users on a journey to a different world. Whether it is in the steam bath or in the hydro-massage tub, your body is being pampered and your mind is free to roam.

Rather than merely providing a place for passive relaxation, the Personal Time Bathroom places an emphasis on inner growth through meditative experiences and seeks to leverage the therapeutic effects of virtual realities. A variety of digital themes can be selected to convert the room into a yoga studio or a spa lounge and a whole variety of different functions can be programmed to align with users’ biorhythms. An en-suite floor plan allows the Personal Time Bathroom to extend its healing atmosphere into the bedroom, contributing to restful sleep.Continues Flowers, “Time has become an increasingly scarce resource as people tend to work longer hours and have more stressful days at the office or on the road. This is why the bathrooms in their homes play such a special role in their lives. More often than not, it’s the only room in the house with an actively used lock – it is our last refuge within our own four walls. As such the bathroom continues to evolve from a rational and utility-oriented place for hygiene and body care to a more emotional space where we can enjoy “me time,” lock out the outside world, relax and regenerate.”

Evolution in the bathroom

Just as people’s paths through life are becoming less linear and more multifaceted, the future of the bathroom cannot simply be predicted along straight lines extrapolated from a variety of present-day trends. This means that the actual bathroom of the future will probably be a hybrid of the bathroom universes outlined above. Multifunctionality will be key as the bathroom adapts to users’ evolving lifestyles and tomorrow’s flowing transition between living and working.

Whatever is to come in the bathroom, GROHE is ready to meet the challenge.

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