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Choose your tub for an awesome bathroom

Choose your tub for an awesome bathroom

Tubs are the key elements in bathroom. Contemporary bathrooms includes furniture as sofas, beds and chairs in their interior design but although, a tub is still the substance in this part at home. So, that is why designers are not parsimonious of ideas for vanguard tubs that can transform and refresh your old fashioned and retro bathrooms.

White tubs

Let`s get started with the first design of tub that for some of you will look more as a plate for a giant portion soup. Materials and colors are yet simple and classic – ceramic, marble and white or grey – on account of the extra ordinary shape. Such kind of tub in your bathroom will save you the need of unnecessary decorations. Install a simple telephone shower and put the flooring – mosaic wooden parquet.

Eccentric Tubes: Shoe Shape

Our next idea for a tub in your extravagant fashion bathroom must be favorite choice for any shopaholic – mainly female part of the humanity. Tub, here, is constructed in a shape of high heel shoe. The tub is made from varnished tub in white and it is decorated with pink and purple sequins all over. The sequins in a shape of curved lines. The corners of the tub are decorated with sweet ribbons.

The tub is an original Barbie alternative to express her attitude to interior design and shopping mania as well. Tub in a shape of high heel shoe could be also some great interior design idea for VIP spa resorts and contemporary beauty studios.

Contemporary tub

The second idea for an eccentric tub in a contemporary bathroom presents you a hybrid between an aquarium and a lounge under the sea. The tub is made from stable glass and it is leant on a steady waterproof surface. The white lounge is actually the one you have seen on the beach – convenient and capable of providing you rest and harmony between your body and your soul. Leave some space next to the tub for a tiny minimalistic glass table, where you can arrange your cocktail and aroma therapy candles.


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