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Grohe’s Ecologic Bathroom

Grohe's Ecologic Bathroom

Whether it is because of cost considerations or out of concern for the environment, 75 percent of survey respondents consider energy efficiency to be an important aspect when it comes to bathroom remodelling. With environmental awareness continuing to drive improvements in resource efficiency, bathrooms will have a positive environmental impact by 2034. This means that they will work autonomously and in an energy-neutral way. Engineered as self-contained modules for housing construction, they will no longer depend on connection to the public water and energy networks. “Neo ecology” is already one of the most important mega trends. Sustainability and resource efficiency are a serious topic in public debate already, as we know, and will be taken for granted in daily life 20 years from now.

Designed as a small power station in its own right, the Zero Emissions Bathroom will function as a heat recuperator and water treatment facility, for example, by converting wastewater into methane which is then used to generate heat. Actual sewage will be minimized by vacuum toilet technology.

This sustainable mind-set will also be reflected in bathroom design and decor. Natural materials such as wood and clay that are not only hygienic, but also non-toxic and compostable, will make a big comeback. This trend is already evident today, with 63 percent of people appreciating stone, wood and bio-textiles in the bathroom. By the year 2034, these preferences will lead to a design philosophy that elegantly blends sustainability and luxury, ecology and innovation.

At GROHE today, sustainability is a core value prevalent in each stage of product manufacturing and design innovation. For example, all GROHE EcoJoy™ products are systematically designed to save water and energy so that precious resources are conserved. EcoJoy tehcnology reduces water consumption by up to 50 percent and products equipped with it offer the perfect water experience without the need to compromise.

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