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GROHE is the most trusted brand in Germany

GROHE is the most trusted brand in Germany

German consumers have voted GROHE the sanitary fittings brand, which they trust most. This is the result of the new “Vertrauensranking” (“trust ranking”) study carried out by market research company ServiceValue GmbH in cooperation with German business weekly WirtschaftsWoche. A representative online survey was conducted to gauge consumers’ trust in specific German industries and companies. GROHE scored an excellent result – the world-leading supplier of sanitary fittings is trusted by more than 80 percent of German consumers, ranking the company at the top of the country’s sanitary products manufacturers.

Having scored a customer trust index, which is regarded as “very high”, GROHE is in third place among the totality of housing technology companies and a full four ranks ahead of its nearest rival from the sanitary products industry. Specifically, GROHE scored 24.1 percent more consumer votes than the relevant industry average of 56.4 percent.

“We view this resounding vote of confidence by consumers as a great honour and an inspiration at the same time,” said Michael Rauterkus, CEO of Grohe AG. “We will continue to deliver on our customers’ expectations by offering them products of the highest quality with innovative technologies and unique designs. Whenever consumers choose GROHE, we want them to be absolutely certain of making the right decision.”

GROHE is working for the future

Grohe AG CEO Michael Rauterkus said: “We are working to become the sanitary industry’s most sustainable company by 2020. I take pride in our company being named one of Germany’s most sustainable major companies, which I believe to be a clear signal that we are making great strides towards our objective. Our ambition is to be a role model for the sanitary fittings industry and I hope that many companies will follow our lead and define themselves on the theme of sustainability as much as they do on their products and services.“

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