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Grohe new slogan and partner responsability

Grohe new slogan and partner responsability

The brand values of quality, technology, design and responsibility constitute the driving force behind GROHE’s new slogan, “Pure Freude an Wasser”. This German-language slogan, which has international validity, underscores the company’s Germany-based core competencies and encapsulates GROHE’s high ambitions in bringing together performance and responsibility. To attain the great product experience the slogan conveys, GROHE applies the highest standards everywhere.

Grohe quality: German standards for the world market

One of the keys to GROHE’s success is German precision engineering. This is part of the company’s “Made in Germany” strategy: All innovation processes are coordinated in Germany, closely linking in-house expertise in design, development, production and quality control. Responsibility for what the company refers to as its coordinated innovation process is kept in Germany. All German production sites are also closely linked with the three international production operations. This ensures global compliance with the same high GROHE standards and makes for continuous knowledge transfer.

Technology: Innovative and sustainable

As global market leader, GROHE time and again takes a pioneering role in the industry. After milestones such as the launch of the first thermostatic mixer and the first digital bathroom solution, GROHE is now revolutionising the sanitary industry with the development of the innovative GROHE Zero brass alloy that has 90 percent lower lead content and five times the corrosion resistance of conventional brass – for even more durable products and best water quality. Underscoring its technological prowess, the company has now launched GROHE Blue Core. The blue colouring of key components makes the know-how in GROHE-made product cores instantly recognisable. The blue colouring extends to cartridges, which GROHE has made itself for some 70 years.

GROHE displays similar responsibility towards business partners, employees and customers. Under the GROHE Professional brand, GROHE continues to add to its portfolio of solutions for concealed installation and supports the market success of its business partners with comprehensive service, more points of contact, training and numerous online offerings. Internally, GROHE’s coherent positioning is captured in the new slogan, “GROHE is You”. “

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