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Grohe Ondus and Ondus digital

Grohe Ondus and Ondus Digital

Refined and honest, Grohe’s Ondus faucets are a meticulous balance of the highest design and functionality. Strongly influenced by modern architecture and Bauhaus aesthetics, they fuse bold geometric shapes with advanced engineering.

A revolution is taking place in the bathroom – a digital revolution. Our award-winning GROHE Ondus® line of digital faucets and showers brings a new level of user comfort to the luxury bath. Digital interfaces invite interaction and offer personalized water enjoyment with a tap of your finger. It’s digital with a purpose: to make your bath experience easier, more inviting and more enjoyable.

“His” and “hers” preset icons on the display let you create personalized bath scenarios. The two presets can be programmed with up to seven distinct bathing
experiences – each with a different flow rate, temperature and duration.

Grohe Ondus

Radiating simplicity and purity, the seductive form of GROHE Ondus® offers an alternative to its digital sibling. Featuring the same dramatic sweeping spout, the digital interfaces are replaced by discreet handles which seamlessly flow from their cylindrical bases.

Arcing like the crest of a wave, th dramatic form of GROHE Ondus® embraces the GROHE Sensual Minimalism philosophy. Its soft profile and perfect ergonomics are enhanced by a choice of luxurious surface finishes like Moon White and rich Velvet Black.

With GROHE Ondus® we anticipate your desires and give you the opportunity to create your own private sanctuary. Because your bathroom is the one place you should feel free to express yourself.

Ondus Digital

Sculptural forms that entice the eye and state-of-the-art digital technology for unbeatable precision, GROHE Ondus® Digital lets you create your perfect water experience over and over again. The same temperature, the same pressure – or personalized water à la carte.

In every other room in the home, digital technology takes precedence, so why not in your bathroom too? GROHE Ondus® Digital – convenience and comfort like never before.

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