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Grohe shower skin care

Grohe shower skin care

When you think of cleaning what springs to mind? Surely not paper? It’s fresh, flowing water! The most natural cleaning agent there is, it’s kind to the skin and wonderfully effective. That’s why humans have used it for cleaning since the dawn of time. We wash our hands and bodies daily as part of our hygiene routine –it’s refreshing, soothing and leaves us feeling good.

We wouldn’t consider a quick rub down with a paper towel to do the same job –except when we use the toilet. In many cultures cleaning with water after visiting the toilet is just as natural as washing hands. And today, as our interest in hygiene and personal grooming grows, more and more people want to get that clean, refreshed and secure feeling after using the toilet. As a result shower toilets – toilets with an integrated bidet function –are becoming increasingly popular. Now GROHE introduces its revolutionary shower toilet, the GROHE Spalet, providing gentle natural cleansing using just water.

Grohe Skin care

Imagine a way of cleaning that is not just more hygienic but also kinder to your skin. Something that leaves you feeling cared for and comfortable, not to mention confident in your body. The new GROHE Sensia Arena harnesses the natural goodness of water to refresh and revitalise your skin, leaving you completely clean without the harshness of paper or chemicals. In the comfort of your own bathroom it gives you the opportunity to be kind to yourself, and your skin, every single day.

Put your trust in ultimate hygiene –the GROHE Sensia Arena incorporates different innovative technologies that all work together to give you a 100% hygienic toilet. From the design of the bowl to advanced coatings that offer triple protection from dirt, bacteria and limescale, you can be sure that your toilet is always sparkling clean and safe.

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