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Grohe spa, the natural beauty of water

Grohe spa, the natural beauty of water

The bathroom –it’s where the day begins and ends, where we go to relax in a warm, fragrant tub or recharge under a powerful shower. From city apartments to spacious country homes, the bathroom is our refuge. Thanks to today’s innovations in technology and design, a bathroom can become much more – an oasis of luxury, beauty and well-being, whatever its size.

The spa makes the most of your bathroom

“Once purely functional, today’s bathroom serves many purposes,” says Cheryl Dixon, Head of Brand and Trade Marketing for GROHE America, a division of GROHE AG, the world’s leading provider of kitchen and bath fittings. “There are so many innovations in terms of showers and tubs, lighting, faucets and new perspectives in interior design – it’s now possible to optimize the most basic bathroom to create an energizing and efficient morning ritual or a luxurious spa experience in one’s own home.” GROHE recently introduced its Grandera line of superbly designed faucets, free-standing tub fillers, accessories, lights and fittings that combine with GROHE’s array of shower systems and topnotch technology to convert a bathroom into a customized spa.

“The spa bathroom concept is certainly trending,” says New York-based interior designer, Guillaume Gentet, who spoke at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas. He offers these tips for designing a luxurious spa bathroom that is stylish, sustainable and safe. GROHE’S new Grandera line includes superbly designed, technically advanced faucets, tub fillers, dispensers, lights and fittings. Combined with GROHE’s array of showers, Grandera fixtures transform any bathroom into a customized spa.

GROHE Spa collections offer an extensive range of premium fittings for all points of interaction in your bathroom. From the basin to the bathtub and shower, each enticing collection offers a wide range of products, giving you the freedom to tailor your bathroom to your specific requirements.

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