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GROHE sustainability policy

GROHE sustainability policy

GROHE is a responsible company. Our products combine the economic, ecological and safe use of water with excellent design. Consequently, environmental, health and safety (EHS) issues constitute an integral and essential part of our corporate strategy oriented to long-term increase in value. Complying with legal regulations and rules issued by authorities is a commitment which we take for granted. In addition, we want to continuously improve our products and processes so that we can also meet tomorrow´s environmental, health and safety requirements. We inform and train our employees and promote environmental, health and safety awareness.

Sustainability Guidelines

Our PRODUCTS should allow a responsible and safe consumption of the resources water and energy by the user. Over and above this the entire product life cycle is considered at the design and development stage to create safe products with economical use of resources and for a long service life.

It is our aim to make all PROCESSES as environmental, health and safety compatible as possible taking economic aspects into account. Existing and planned processes are therefore systematically assessed with regard to their environmental, health and safety compatibility in order to minimise environmental pollution as well as health and safety risks. Over and above we promote means and ways of action to assure the prevention of serious accidents, to assure an elevated level of protection for man and environment.

We give detailed training and information regarding environmental, health and safety aspects to our EMPLOYEES and promote their active involvement towards improving environmental, health and safety performance.

We take into account the environmental, health and safety requirements of our CUSTOMERS and support them on corresponding questions.

We see our SUPPLIERS as partners. We therefore consider and support their activities to improve environmental, health and safety performance.

For us SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY does not stop at the factory gate. We therefore engage in open dialogue with all interested parties in the public domain and encourage activities at all our locations which also serve environmental protection as well as improving health and safety outside our factory premises.

These Environmental, Health and Safety Principles and Guidelines apply to all employees at all our plants, corporate departments and subsidiaries of the GROHE group. Managerial staff carry a special responsibility. By setting an example, they help to continue developing environmental, health and safety awareness among the employees and to establish an environmental, health and safety culture as part of our corporate culture.

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