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Grohe the story of technology

Grohe the story of technology

For 140 years, the Masters of Technology’s trailblazing innovations and exceptional quality have injected newimpetus into the industry. here we introduce some of the company’s current employees who keep the same ideals alive today.

Over a hundred years before creative gusto and visions of technical advances inspired the likes of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to establish start-ups in their parents’ garages, the German innovator Carl Nestler had already taken a similar path. A true pioneer, Nestler obtained a lathe – no easy feat in 1873 when an entrepreneurial boom had created a shortage of the machines. he set up a small foundry with a kiln (a kind of giant oven) and smelting furnace in the cellar of his parent’s home in Lahr and started producing faucets and fittings.

He soon earned a reputation in the region as faucet-maker Nestler. over the years, the Carl Nestler company became one of the industry’s most active powerhouses. it was above all instrumental in developing advances in thermostat technology – which was still in its infancy. The production of the Lahr ½-inch “people’s thermostat” was just one such milestone.

Over time, Nestler’s innovative legacy found its natural home in the Grohe Group, as did the bright ideas and inventions of other industry pioneers such as h. D. eichelberg (established in 1817) Deutsche Armaturenfabrik Leipzig (established in 1910) and Armaturenwerke Lang & Co. (established in 1897). eichelberg’s forward-looking breakthroughs in metalworking were even showcased in a “brassware gallery” at the first World’s Fair in London in 1951. And while Deutsche Armaturenfabrik Leipzig was driving forward developments in flushing toilets, Armaturenwerke Lang & Co. was one of the first to industrially produce faucets. From 1936, Friedrich Grohe forged ahead with the technology in kitchens and bathrooms across the globe under his family name. The company’s own innovations and enhancements of the sanitaryware pioneers’ ideas led to new products. There was eurolines – the all-time, best-selling faucet range – plus the Grohmasters thermostatic shower mixer and the tried and trusted, water-saving Rapid Pro flushing system which, when paired with GROHE Whisper® technology, makes for even quieter convenience. electronically controlled Grohe faucets, tagged with the word “digital”, are also part of this long tradition.

To this day, the spirit of Friedrich Grohe, Carl Nestler and the other Masters of Technology is still a motivating force shaping the work ethic of employees at our plants in hemer, Lahr and Porta Westfalica as well as factories in Portugal and Thailand. In this feature, five of them have their say on behalf of the entire workforce, telling us what Grohe Masters of Technology means to them personally.

The real Masters of technology

By a combination of their advanced craftsmanship and their cutting-edge approach to effective teamwork and processes, our Masters of Technology take the lead in developing, designing and manufacturing our outstanding product range, all the while testing and fine-tuning each piece to ensure continued customer satisfaction.

The result: Timeless design. And quality that lasts a life-time. Again and again GROHE products surprise users with unique features that provide ‘Pure Freude an Wasser’. When you use a GROHE product you can feel the difference. Time after time.

Source: Grohe Masters of Technology.

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