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GROHE water supply solutions

GROHE water supply solutions

As challenges to the water supply increase, so do efforts by both the public and private sector to conserve it, via legislation and conservation programs.

For example, expectations to participate in Green Building practices, like LEED, are high and requirements for LEED status have become increasingly stringent across the board.

Restringement Requierements

LEED v4 requires that all newly installed fixtures carry the WaterSense label that identifies a water-efficient product that has been independently tested and certified to meet EPA WaterSense criteria for efficiency and performance. All products displaying the WaterSense label are recognized by the EPA’s partnership program, WaterSense, and offer significant savings while meeting strict performance standards, including the CALGreen building codes standard.

Many of GROHE’s highly advanced showers and faucets carry the WaterSense label and are CALGreen compliant and all offer a range of solutions for controlling water flow and temperature, conserving water while still providing an exceptional user experience. GROHE Low Flow Solution Kits provide a low-flow aerator plus reducing fittings at the supply end, effectively controlling flow and water pressure.

The revolutionary GROHE TurboStat technology delivers water at the user’s desired temperature within a fraction of a second, wasting neither time nor water in getting the temperature and pressure right and keeping them consistent.

GROHE products are easy to install and maintain, making them both cost-effective and efficient, thanks to superior engineering. GROHE SilkMove technology offers unique faucet cartridges manufactured from an advanced ceramic alloy and coated with a special Teflon lubricant, allowing for near friction-free, smooth operation for a lifetime of use – far superior to plastic cartridges used in many products.

“Viable solutions to the world’s water crisis and other environmental challenges can be found in collaboration between architects and designers working with environmentally committed manufacturers,” says Cheryl Dixon, Head of Brand and Trade Marketing for GROHE America. “We are proud to support our industry and promote green building processes through our CEU events and the products we offer.”

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