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Grohe’s personal spa

Grohe's personal spa

Once a room for cleansing and grooming, the bathroom will be a place to retreat –your sanctuary from the outside world; a place to spend quality time indulging yourself.

The amount of space dedicated to the bathroom has increased and defining different zones is fast becoming the norm. Areas for preparation, rejuvenation, recreation and relaxation all have a role to play in the spa bathroom. A new bathroom is now an investment in your health and wellbeing; let GROHE Spa collections transform your daily rituals into sensational experiences.

GROHE Spa collections offer an extensive range of premium fittings for all points of interaction in your bathroom. From the basin to the bathtub and shower, each enticing collection offers a wide range of products, giving you the freedom to tailor your bathroom to your specific requirements.

Wall-mounted, deck-mounted and even floor-mounted faucets make it easy for you to find your perfect match at the basin. And as a single hand shower or head shower is just not right anymore – we present you a complete range of integrated custom showering solutions, for a three-dimensional sensory treat.

The four GROHE collections – GROHE Ondus, Allure, Atrio and Grandera -offer harmony in the bathroom through the wide-ranging use of four simple geometric shapes: the rounded oval, the square, the circle and the squircle.

Lozenges, the visual representation of our Sensual Minimalism philosophy, convey a softer take on the exacting lines of minimalist architecture.

Square and rectilinear forms complement the precise angles found in modern interiors, while the flowing silhouettes of circles, cylinders and curves bring a soft human appeal to cosmopolitan bathing spaces.

The squircle marries angular and round elements in a classically elegant design that brings harmony and balance to every area of your bathroom.

Naturally, each collection remains true to our three brand values: human, easy and performance – resulting in a range of user-centric products that combine the latest technology with enticing and intuitive design.

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