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Grohtherm 2000 style and function

Grohtherm 2000 style and function

With technologies for greater safety, efficiency and showering comfort, an ergonomic shape and an aesthetic water flow as well as a functional tray – the new GrohTherm 2000 is a modern solution for the bath tub and the shower, combining all advantages of a thermostat with a perfect water experience.The GrohTherm 2000 features three exclusive GROHE technical and design components: GROHE CoolTouch, GROHE EasyReach storage and XL Waterfall.

The new product combines a strong aesthetic with GROHE’s leading-edge thermostat technology, which the company has been perfecting since the early 1950s. With 30 million thermostats sold, GROHE engineers continue to raise the bar, combining intensive research and innovation to create an optimal solution for the modern bathroom.

“A high functioning thermostat is key to a perfect bath and shower experience,”. “Safety concerns are paramount and GROHE’s highly developed thermostat technology brings several new safety features to the GrohTherm 2000.” GROHE CoolTouch technology houses the thermostat in solid metal, preventing burns on hot chrome surfaces. Hot water flow is surrounded by a cooling channel that ensures all fixtures remain cool to the touch. A Safe Stop Button keeps water temperatures from rising beyond 38°C or 100°F.

Thanks to GROHE TurboStat technology, water reaches the desired temperature in seconds, and stays constant throughout the shower, reducing water waste and risk of scalding. Equipped with the most advanced and precision-made cartridges in the industry, GROHE’S highly sensitive new thermostats react to changes in water pressure twice as fast as before. Consequently, less time is spent adjusting controls and waiting for water to reach the correct temperature.

TurboStat is just one of several features designed for maximum water savings. The new GROHE Aquadimmer Eco automatically helps save water when switching from the bath filler to the hand shower.

GROHE fixtures are acclaimed for their smart, stylish and practical designs that enhance any bathroom décor. The GrohTherm 2000 boasts GROHE EasyReach- a sleek tray to hold bath and hair products. An optional, space-saving addition to the GrohTherm 2000, the EasyReach tray can be placed onto the wall rosettes, closing the gap between the thermostat and the wall. The even surface conceals the connections, making the thermostat another smart design element.

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