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Kitchen faucets with pull-out sprays

Kitchen faucets with pull-out sprays

Pull out kitchen faucets with rinsing sprays transform the kitchen sink into a multifunctional work zone. Our kitchen faucet collections fuse perfect ergonomics with award-winning design. With a diverse range of designs and material finishes to choose from, finding a pull-out kitchen faucet to complement your kitchen decor and meet your functional requirements is easy with GROHE.

If you love to cook then you’ll love our range of kitchen faucets with sprays. Whether you choose a pull-out faucet with rinsing spray or a faucet with professional spray, our choice of designs will satisfy even the most discerning chefs

What is the difference between a pull-out spray and a pull-down spray?

Both offer the same features and versatility. The difference is in the action required to extract the hand-held spray from the faucet spout. In general, if the kitchen faucet has a straight spout, you need to ‘pull out’ the spray. If the spout points downwards, then you ‘pull down’ to use the spray.

Kitchen faucets with professional sprays

For home chefs who are as serious about design as they are about product features, a kitchen faucet with a professional pull-down spray is the latest ‘must-have’ style for designer kitchens.

K7 faucet with professional spray

Admired for its semi-professional styling, the GROHE K7 collection is a modular range of kitchen faucets. The eye-catching collection comprises every conceivable combination of faucet and spray: including a faucet with pull-out rinsing spray, professional spray and a side spray.

Anti-limescale nozzles

  • The professional spray and pull-out spray on our K7 kitchen faucets feature GROHE SpeedClean nozzles.
  • Just wipe the surface of the spray to clear any limescale deposits.

From rinsing salad leaves and delicate fruit to filling pots and pans, a dual-spray faucet is an indispensable work tool.

Two sprays to choose from

Our pull-out faucets feature two sprays: a wide, rinsing spray and a regular spray.

Easy switching between regular spray and wide sprayOn kitchen faucets with a large rinsing spray, a rocker switch enables you to alternate between the wide spray and normal stream. On smaller sprays, simply turn the faucet off to revert back to the regular flow.

Increase your work area

GROHE pull-out sprays have a reach of 15 – 20 in depending on which faucet design you choose.

Enduring looks. Reliable performance

All GROHE pull-out kitchen faucets feature a robust steel hose to ensure pristine appearance no matter how often you use it. A spring below the sink guides the hose back into position after use.

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