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Thanks to our efforts we can offer multiple services to our costumers. We are experts in trading, logistics, consulting and construction.

We work as commercial agents for european companies in the sanitary area. We have a solid client portfolio all around the world, and we bring them the best sanitary solutions: sanitary fittings, faucets, bathroom screens, bathtubs, shower trays, all kind of flooring solutions and pipelines.

In logistics we have a broad storage network that let us have a large stock so we can supply our clients faster. We know the importance of a good supply chain, and we work together with the most important shipping companies.

We work with our clients, providing an excelent counseling services for the best stock options for their warehouses. We also bring support to their marketing, designs and investment projects. Thanks to the experience of our counselors, we are sure to offer the best assistance.

As suppliers of sanitary solutions, we are the best pal for your building projects. We have a solid contact portfolio in the market and industry of building solutions, we can bring you to the best suppliers. We bring our support and experience to our clients in the national and international market.

We have a large directory of sanitary products; sanitary fittings, faucets, bathroom screens, bathtubs, shower trays, flooring solutions, plumbing supplies and pipelines. Everthing you need to make your building projects come true.


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