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The Bathroom of the future: Multi ID Bathroom

The Bathroom of the future: Multi ID Bathroom

According to the survey, most people (60 percent) want a bathroom that meets the needs and expectations of everybody living in the household. Today, innovations like the new GrohTherm 2000 thermostat with GROHE TurboStat® technology brings users their desired water temperature in seconds. By 2034, smart home technology will make this easy to achieve without compromising on individual convenience.

As soon as a user enters a bathroom, all elements will adjust automatically to his or her favorite settings – from the room temperature to music and colored lighting, from the height of the sink and toilet bowl to their preferred surfaces such as wood, stone or tiles – all of which will be able to be projected onto screens with a high degree of realism.

The Multi-ID Bathroom will also allow for the variability of individual fittings and furniture: the bathtub doubling as a seating area, the sink becoming a makeup studio and the mirror turning into a news screen. Depending on which user is present in the room at the time, certain elements can disappear behind the wall or rise up from the floor. In addition, many fittings will be multifunctional, with the hand shower dispensing not only water but also shampoo, or the shower doubling as a full-body drier, obviating the need for a towel.

The Multi-ID Bathroom will also be available in semi-public environments like hotels or offices. Everybody will be able to activate their personal bathroom settings anywhere, immediately feeling at ease even when stepping into a bathroom away from home. This will be made possible by cloud-based technologies and the ability of many products to store select features and settings. Bathroom products incorporating digital technology are already a reality. GROHE SPA® F-digital products, for instance, give users fingertip access to their favorite shower temperature or preset water delivery programs at the sink. Touching the pause button suspends the flow of water, perfect for shampooing. Once stored, a setting can be repeated with the utmost precision time and time again.

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