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The future bathroom easy and clean solution

The future bathroom easy and clean solution

The perfect solution for a personalized bathroom experience available today, GROHE SPA® F-digital products provide fingertip access to favorite shower temperatures or preset water delivery programs at the sink.

Almost half of the people surveyed would like to have a bathroom with health-oriented features. By 2034, the bathroom will become a central point of personalized health management, where users actively check in on their physical well-being. Various elements installed throughout the bathroom will enable this. They will measure bodily functions and collect vital data that is then fed back to the user. The toilet will analyze urine, the toothbrush will collect information from saliva and even blood readings will be able to be taken in full comfort using non-invasive methods.

“The bathroom of the future becomes a perfect place for health diagnostics – thanks to what I call ‘active digitality’ i.e. the production of data for further use,” says Paul Flowers, Senior Vice President Design of Grohe AG, adding “The visualization of health data in the bathroom will play an important role. The information can be projected in the form of icons or plain text messages onto mirrors and other surfaces. Even some kind of audio feedback is imaginable.”

The bathroom can also assume the function of a fitness center. An on-screen avatar will motivate us to do certain exercises by demonstrating the routines and awarding us digital badges when we accomplish specific goals. Motivational tunes and even cheers will put a virtual personal trainer in our bathroom.

In addition, the bathroom’s function as a health center will be complemented by web-based technologies that provide online access to the nearest pharmacy, live chats with doctors and recommendations of the best restaurants for healthy and balanced meals.

The bathroom of the future will assist our personal preventative healthcare efforts at a professional level, helping us to feel fit and healthy for longer.

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